Geogramint v1.4 releases: OSINT Geolocalization tool for Telegram

Geogramint – OSINT Geolocalization tool for Telegram

Geogramint is an OSINT tool that uses Telegram’s API to find nearby users and groups. Inspired by Tejado’s Telegram Nearby Map, which is no longer maintained, it aims to provide a more user-friendly alternative.

Geogramint only finds Telegram users and groups which have activated the nearby feature. Per default, it is deactivated.

The tool is fully supported on Windows and partially supported on Mac OS and Linux distributions.

Tejado’s Telegram Nearby Map received every 25 seconds all nearby users with TDLib from Telegram and with three distances from three different points, it was possible to calculate the position of the nearby user. This is no longer possible, Telegram lowered the accuracy of the “People Nearby” function in February 2022.

Geogramint displays the approximate location of nearby users and groups according to Telegram. This means that you will only see results from 500m, 1km, 2km, etc.

What Is Geogramint For?

Geogramint can be used for open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations applied in conflict zones, dangerous areas, remote locations or sensitive facilities. According to Telegram, they have over 700 million monthly active users. Users and groups that enable Nearby can be detected by the tool.

Nowadays Telegram is used by many cybercriminalsterrorists, mercenaries, and soldiers from different countries.

How Does Geogramint Accomplish Its Goal?

Geogramint does this by:

  • Takes coordinates from the OpenStreetMap interface.
  • Makes an API call using Telethon with the coordinates to get all nearby users and groups that have the Proximity feature enabled.
  • Download all users and groups profile pictures, if available.
  • Displays the results and provides them in json format.

Geogramint does not use any kind of hacking or magic to get all this information.

Changelog v1.4

What’s Changed in Geogramint:

  • Added export to Osintracker : Osintracker is a web-based tool used for investigations. It’s a source-oriented application, primarily focused on keeping track of your online findings. 


  • Fixed pdf output bug in CLI mode (#17)
  • Fixed pdf generation for users that don’t have chrome (#16). Now Geogramint supports chrome, firefox and edge for pdf generation.
  • Added more metadata when connecting to Telegram (#7). Telegram’s servers would sometimes detect a suspicious connection, terminate it along with other sessions, and in some cases even ban it. The purpose of this addition is to reduce the probability of ban.
  • Experimental Feature: Added a new command in CLI mode: surveillance.
    This command aims to permit its user to establish a monitoring on an area using Geogramint.
    The tool will launch scan every ~1h and retrieve all users and compare it with its previous scan.
    If changes are detected, the results will be sent to through the discord webhook.
    ⚠️ This command is still a WIP and there is a high probability of ban using it.

Install & Use

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