gitleaks v8.18 releases: Searches full repo history for secrets and keys

gitleaks – Check git repos for secrets and keys

Gitleaks provides a way for you to find unencrypted secrets and other unwanted data types in git source code repositories.

As part of its core functionality, it provides;

  • Github support includes support for the bulk organization and repository owner (user) repository scans, as well as pull request scanning for use in common CI workflows.
  • Support for private repository scans, and repositories that require key-based authentication
  • Output in CSV and JSON formats for consumption in other reporting tools and frameworks
  • Externalised configuration for environment-specific customization including regex rules
  • Customizable repository name, file type, commit ID, branchname, and regex whitelisting to reduce false positives
  • High performance through the use of src-d’s go-git framework

It has been successfully used in a number of different scenarios, including;

  • Adhoc scans of local and remote repositories by filesystem path or clone URL
  • Automated scans of github users and organizations (both public and enterprise platforms)
  • As part of a CICD workflow to identify secrets before they make it deeper into your codebase
  • As part of a wider secret auditing automation capability for git data in large environments

Changelog v8.8





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