Google Developer Policy prohibits developer to submit of any cryptocurrency Mining app

Google’s Android operating team has released a new version of the policy to developers in the past, and the new policy completely prohibits mining applications from being posted to the app store.

Mining operations will occupy a large number of hardware resources of the equipment, causing heat and stagnation, and in extreme cases may even cause the battery to expand to an explosion.

And mining through mobile devices itself is very impractical, due to poor hardware performance cannot be used to calculate very complex hash blocks.

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Remote mining applications are still not limited:

Remote mining applications refer to applications that do not mine on Android devices. Such applications act as control programs for users to remotely mine and therefore do not affect.

Even if Google strictly forbids mining applications, in theory, as long as it is not mined locally, it will not cause damage to the equipment and can continue to be put on the shelves.

Apps with negative ads will be banned:

Many developers have a large number of ad modules built into the app, such as setting up ad pop-ups or restricting users from having to click on an ad to use the app.

Google will also rigorously review such applications to combat this disruption to the user experience, so developers need to make reasonable arrangements for adding ads.

Plagiarism imitation applications will be banned:

This type of application refers to the imitation of some of the already-applied applications that provide the same functionality, and the functionality is entirely repetitive without adding any new features.

Most of these applications are generated using automated tools to serve ads. Usually, the tools and wizards are plagiarised.