Hackers openly sell Nvidia LHR algorithm source code

After some tossing, Nvidia has not had any contact with the South American hacker group Lapsus Group. The delusional ransom of this hacker group is naturally out of the question, so now the hackers are ready to publicly sell the Nvidia LHR algorithm source code.

The value of this source code may be useful to Ethereum miners. The LHR algorithm is expected to crack the mining restrictions imposed by NVIDIA on the RTX 30 series graphics cards and restore the hash rate from the limited 50% to the normal state, which is 100%, which can significantly speed up the mining efficiency of miners.

Nvidia has issued a response yesterday saying that the data stolen by hackers will not affect the normal operation of Nvidia’s business. Of course, even so, the confidential data stolen by hackers will still have potential impacts, including but not limited to LHR algorithms, NVIDIA’s various designs, driver and firmware source codes, etc.

At present, the hacker has published an open message on his Telegram channel to sell the LHR source code for $1 million, of course, with a slight discount. “We request that NVIDIA commits to completely open-source (and distribute under a FOSS license) their GPU drivers for Windows, macOS, and Linux, from now on and forever,” the cybercriminals posted on their Telegram group. It is difficult to say whether miners will buy it eventually, the price is too high for individual miners and there is no technical ability to lift the restriction. Buying such copyrighted content can be sued by companies, so it is too risky to buy.

It is worth noting that the hackers even asked Nvidia to open source the graphics card drivers. If Nvidia does not open source, the relevant source code stolen by the hackers will also be made public. In some respects, it would be foolish to ask Nvidia to open-source drivers, since these are proprietary software with potentially a lot of secret technology inside.