How to Keep Your Belongings Secure during A Move

Everyone worries about the prospect of moving. There are so many things that could go wrong, after all. Things could break, or get misplaced. You could forget something in the course of packing and accidentally throw it away. Or you could even become a victim of theft. Indeed, exposing your beloved personal items to strangers and the outdoors is enough to cause anxiety in pretty much anyone.

All of these concerns are perfectly normal. And there are, in fact, distinct measures that you can take to ensure the safety of your belongings. And when you’re ready for the big move, you can call Elate Moving to do the job for you.

Let’s take a look at several other measures you can take before the movers come to prepare your items and give yourself much-needed peace of mind so that you can minimize the stress involved in your move.

Get a tracking device

We are lucky to be living in an age where there are electronic means of keeping track of virtually anything. If you really want to be able to know where your valuables are at all times, think about putting a tracking device on them. You can get a small, inconspicuous GPS tracker for under $20 that you can easily tuck inside the box where you keep your valuables. This will give you tremendous peace of mind while your goods are on the move. In case anything goes off course, you will know exactly where to look and will almost certainly find your things.

Take a proper inventory of your things

If you’re like most people, you accumulate lots of things over time. So much, in all likelihood, that it’s basically impossible to recount every item when thinking about everything you have to manage during your move. Therefore, it would be to your benefit to take inventory in advance.

This means several things: first, don’t just scratch things down on a piece of paper. Make a spreadsheet or even a database of all the things that you want to keep track of. Also, make note of where exactly you’ve put them. If you’re really organized, you will create a system for labeling your boxes and the locations you put them in vis-a-vis one another. And you should be systematic about it: create sub-categories, if you have to (clothing>winter clothing>coats).

Get insured!

You can buy moving insurance, of course. It can be part of your home insurance, and you can also get insurance for particularly valuable items. If you end up with only one lost item, but it happens to be your grandmother’s wedding ring, you will have wished you’d covered it more carefully when you planned.

This might cost you a little extra during the planning phases of your move, but it will be worth it for the peace of mind that it brings.

Be discreet

Thieves can be very savvy. Professional ones spend years honing their techniques and learning how to track people’s movements for when to act. Therefore, you should exercise a certain degree of discretion when planning your move. Obviously, you won’t be able to avoid having the moving trucks in front of your house on the day of the move, but in general, it is advisable to keep a low profile about your plans.

Consider taking particularly valuable things with you, meaning on your person. You’ll have enough to worry about with making sure all your boxes get counted, etc. If you have items – particularly small ones – that are of especially high value, stick them in a backpack and carry them with you. This will give you some much-needed peace of mind while you take care of bigger things.

Relax and enjoy your move

If you take the time to protect your belongings and make sure the most valuable items are secure, you will have a much easier time with your move. Not having to worry about the loss or theft of your things will allow you to think about the more exciting aspects of your move, such as where you will put your belongings when you arrive, and how you will host your upcoming housewarming party!