Microsoft improves the Windows command line

Microsoft is improving the  Windows command line environment or Windows terminal. In the past few years, Windows terminals have made significant progress, correctly maximizing, supporting 16 million colors and VT (virtual terminal) escape sequences. But there is a lot of room for improvement in Windows terminals compared to terminals on Linux and macOS.

The Windows 10 beta is considered to include a new and improved terminal API. The official Microsoft blog has publishedseries of articles over the past few weeks that introduce the history of the Windows command line and the workings of the operating system, revealing that a new API is coming. Windows will have a truly reliable and efficient paging terminal that supports emoji, rich Unicode characters, and other features not found in existing terminals.

Also, Windows is completely different from Unix – it doesn’t use Unix’s “everything is a file” approach, and Windows’s idea is “everything is an object” — so some of these decisions produce a very different console owned by Windows system.