[Official] Android 9 codename is Android Pie

A few hours ago, Google officially released that Android 9 code-named is Android Pie.

Android Pie is a significant update to Android. First, Pie brings a brand new Android dashboard that lets users know how much time they spend on their devices, similar to Apple’s screen time feature. The application screen has been redesigned to support display devices with bangs such as the iPhone X. Pie also uses a new gesture-based system interface with an iPhone-like sliding feature that allows navigation in the operating system. The Do Not Disturb feature, called Shush, mutes Android devices when the phone screen is placed face down, while the Wind Down feature grays out the phone interface to reduce the likelihood that Android users will use the phone during specific sleep time.

Android Pie

Android Pie also brings an AI-driven Adaptive Battery that optimizes battery power by prioritizing the applications that users are most likely to use, using machine learning technology to efficiently allocate system resources and focus on the most common applications for users. If you’ve optimized your app for low-power modes, app standby mode, and background limits, it should already work well with dynamic power management features.

App Actions is a new way to recommend apps to predict what to do next (much like Siri app suggestions), developers can take advantage of this feature to make more people see their apps and significantly increase user engagement. With machine learning technology, App Actions can analyze the semantic intent and usage scenarios of an application and recommend your application to users at the right time based on the results of the analysis.

The Slices feature helps users save time and does not require the full-screen experience to use some of the application’s features. With the accompanying UI templates, Slices can insert application content into multiple usage scenarios in a highly dynamic and interactive way, such as Google Search and Assistant. There is also a new automatic brightness algorithm and changes to the CPU’s background processing.

At present, the Google Developer Public Number has pushed more Android 9 related updates that developers are concerned about, so you can learn more.

Like other versions of Android, Android Pie is limited to some mobile phone upgrades, and each mobile phone manufacturer needs to be customized to release the corresponding version update to users. The current situation is that Android Pie has been launched for Pixel phones, and the latest devices from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential will be updated in the next few months.