Perimeter 81 Named a Forrester New Wave ZTNA Leader

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform Perimeter 81 has been named a leader in the Forrester New Wave™: Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Q3 2021 report. This report ranks top products in the ZTNA market based on several criteria.

ZTNA technology defined

Zero Trust Network Access refers to any product or service that provides secure remote access to apps and services based on strictly defined access control policies. ZTNA solutions are an alternative to VPNs for companies looking to provide secure remote network access to employees located anywhere in the world.

Unlike VPNs, which grant users full access to a network, ZTNA platforms only allow users to access apps and services for which they have been granted explicit access. This creates more layers of cybersecurity and network protection for enterprises.

Perimeter 81 Earns Top Scores in 5 ZTNA Criteria

Perimeter 81 was named a ZTNA Leader for 2021 for scoring top marks in Forrester’s non-web and legacy apps, client support, product vision, and planned enhancements criteria. It was ranked against 15 other top vendors in the Zero Trust Network Access category.

Forrester has stated that Perimeter 81’s ZTNA management system is modern and intuitive, and its ability to handle non-web applications like VoIP sets it apart in the field. Forrester also noted that Perimeter 81 is an ideal fit for small enterprise businesses that need ZTNA because its self-service portal makes sign-up and the onboarding of apps very quickly. Enterprises can onboard dozens of apps in less than a month.

High levels of customer satisfaction among Perimeter 81 users

Forrester’s evaluation of Zero Trust Network Access vendors includes interviewing customers for references. Of the Perimeter 81 users interviews, Forrester reported high levels of satisfaction with the platform’s customer support and dedication to making quick improvements. This results in an overall positive vendor-client relationship.

Perimeter 81’s response to being named a 2021 ZTNA leader

Amit Bareket, CEO and Co-Founder of Perimeter 81, stated that the company is thrilled to be named a ZTNA leader in the Q3 2021 Forrester New Wave™ Report. Baraket also said that the recognition validates the company’s strategic direction, which is focused on providing secure network access for employees working from anywhere in the world.

Sagi Gidali, CPO and Co-Founder of Perimeter 81, stated that the recent wave of high-level data breaches and ransomware attacks had demonstrated the importance of secure network access for businesses of all types and sizes. Gidali also said that being a young, quickly growing company, Perimeter 81 is very grateful to be recognized as a leader in the industry.

Gidaldi concluded by mentioning that both Forrester’s recognition and the high levels of customer satisfaction reported are reflections of Perimeter 81’s determination to provide the highest levels of cybersecurity with a relentless commitment to their customers’ success.

More About Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 transforms various complex and outdated hardware-based network security technologies into a centralized, easy-to-use, cloud-based security platform. The SASE platform offers Zero Trust Network Access, Firewall as a Service, VPN as a Service, Device Posture Security, and more. 

What sets Perimeter 81 apart is how easy it is to sign up, implement, and use the product. Both IT professionals and non-technical users can get started with the Perimeter 81 platform incredibly quickly. Perimeter 81 fully integrates with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Splunk, and other major cloud providers. 

Perimeter 81 was founded in 2018 by IDF elite intelligence unit alumni Amit Bareket (CEO) and Sagi Gidali (CPO). The company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, a hub for tech startups in the region. 

Since its founding, Perimeter 81 has been named for various other awards, including for Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, Gartner Cool Vendor, Red Herring Top 100, CRN Emerging Vendor, and others.

Perimeter 81’s clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. They include industry leaders across a wide range of sectors. Perimeter 81 also boasts world-class partners, including integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers.

In August 2020, Perimeter 81 raised $40 million in second-round funding. The funding was led by Insight Partners, with additional participation from Toba Capital and Spring Ventures (SPRG:TLV). 

Perimeter 81 will continue to simplify and modernize the way businesses implement cybersecurity and network security.

More About Forrester and the New Wave™ Report

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