Rock-ON: all in one Recon tool


Rock-On is all in one recon tool that will help your Recon process give a boost. It is mainly aimed to automate the whole process of recon and save the time that is being wasted in doing all this stuff manually. A thorough blog will be up in some time. Stay tuned for the Stable version with a UI.


  1. Sub Domain Scraping
  2. Finding A.S.N -> Netblocks -> IP’s
  3. Resolving
  4. Finding Ports
  5. Finding VHost
  6. Finding Directories
  7. Finding Sub Takeovers
  8. Asset tracker with live monitoring
  9. Push Notifications to Slack
  10. Finding JS link then relative links in them and some sensitive files
  11. Active and passive crawling

Tools Added

  1. Sublist3r
  2. Knock
  3. Subfinder
  4. Censys
  5. Amass
  6. CT Logs
  7. CTFR
  8. Wayback
  9. San Domains
  10. AltDns
  11. NMAP
  12. Masscan
  13. MassDNS
  14. Sublert
  15. Aquatone
  16. Vhost
  17. Rapid7 FDNS DB
  18. AWS-CLI
  19. Dirsearch
  20. More to be added…

Install & Use