Security Technical Implementation Guide for Debian 9

Debian Stretch 9 is released and the large-scale deployment, HardenedLinux community also released STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) for Debian 9 version, STIG is the US Department of Defense for IT infrastructure security compliance , Which also contains the GNU / Linux operating system, since STIG for Debian 8 release has been two years, Debian 9 STIG implementation reference RHEL 7 , compared to the previous version, STIG for Debian 9 and RHEL-STIG have higher Coupling, in addition to SELinux and a small number of entries need to manually detect, most of them have been automated on Debian 9, the future we will continue to improve MAC / RBAC based on Debian 9 alternative to meet the standardization of STIG compliance.


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