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Adload Adware

Adload Adware Quickly Evades Apple’s Expanded XProtect

A recent update of Apple’s XProtect security framework, which included an unprecedented 74 new rules targeting the prolific Adload adware, appears to have been ineffective. Security researchers at SentinelOne have identified new Adload variants...


Mac Malware Alert: Cracked Apps Harbor Trojan-Proxy Threat

In the constantly shifting landscape of cybersecurity, a new, insidious threat has emerged, targeting the macOS ecosystem. Kaspersky researchers have identified several cracked applications disseminated through unofficial channels, harboring a Trojan-Proxy. This malicious software...

Apple iphone Code Execution

Unpatched Code Execution Vulnerability in macOS

According to SecurityWeek, on the first day of 2018, Siguza, a researcher specializing in the Apple operating system, released details of an uncorrected vulnerability in macOS. The vulnerability is based on IOHIDFamily 0day, which he calls IOHIDeous,...