Windows 10 screenshot tool, Screen Clips can be run quickly in the Action Center

According to the latest report by Rafael River, editor of Thurrott website, Microsoft optimized the Action Center in Windows 10 Build 17639 to facilitate users to quickly implement screenshots. Although Microsoft has provided screenshot tools in previous versions of Windows, the user’s usage rate is not particularly high. In actual use, they often rely on third-party software, and the upcoming RedStone 5 version hopes to improve in this regard.

In Redstone 5 (build 17639), creating a screen clip starts with clicking a Quick Action in Action Center. This function is similar to the screenshot tool in the current Windows system, or the Win-Shift-S shortcut. After the user clicks this option in the Action Center, the user can see the desired interception type, and then use the mouse to click and slide the desired interception. content.

According to Rafael’s test report, after you’re done, screen clips are saved to the clipboard, the current system does not provide settings to save the intercepted image storage path, and it will be automatically saved in the host’s temporary folder, but I believe it will be optimized in the future version updates.