capsulecorp pentest: Vagrant VirtualBox environment for conducting an internal network penetration test

Capsulecorp Pentest

The Capsulecorp Pentest is a small virtual network managed by vagrant and ansible. It contains five virtual machines, including one Linux attacking system running Xubuntu and 4 Windows 2019 servers configured with various vulnerable services. This project can be used to learn network penetration testing as a stand-alone environment but is ultimately designed to compliment my book The Art of Network Penetration Testing


Current Functionality

  • Active directory domain with one DC and 3 server members
    • Domain Controler: goku.capsulecorp.local
    • Server 01: vegeta.capsulecorp.local
    • Server 02: gohan.capsulecorp.local
    • Server 03: trunks.capsulecorp.local
  • Vulnerable Jenkins server on vegeta
  • Vulnerable Apache Tomcat server on trunks
  • Vulnerable MSSQL server on gohan
  • Xubuntu pentest system running XRDP.
    • Metasploit
    • CrackMapExec
    • Nmap
    • Remmina RDP client

Download && Use