Category: Network PenTest


bettercap v2.8 releases: Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring

bettercap is the Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring. Bettercap v2.8 released. Changelog New Features single https certificate / authority fields can now be customized via dedicated module parameters ( http.server, https.proxy and ) implemented http.proxy.injectjs and https.proxy.injectjs parameters to...


apparatus: A graphical security analysis tool for IoT networks

ASTo – Apparatus Software Tool An IoT network security analysis tool and visualizer ASTo is security analysis tool for IoT networks. It is developed to support the Apparatus security framework. ASTo is based on electron and cytoscape.js....


CatMyPhish: Search for categorized domain

CatMyPhish Search for a categorized domain that can be used during the red teaming engagement. Perfect to setup whitelisted domain for your Cobalt Strike beacon C&C. It relies on to obtain a list...