Category: Penetration Testing

capture raw 5G radio frames

QCSuper: capture raw 2G/3G/4G/ 5G radio frames

QCSuper QCSuper is a tool communicating with Qualcomm-based phones and modems, allowing to capture raw 2G/3G/4G (and for certain models 5G) radio frames, among other things. It will allow you to generate PCAP captures of it using either...

vulnerable Android Application

DVAC: An intentionally vulnerable Android Application

The Damne Vulnerable Android Components – DVAC Damn Vulnerable Android Components (DVAC) is an educational Android application intentionally designed to expose and demonstrate vulnerabilities related to various Android components such as Activities, Intents, Content...

pivoting solution

ligolo-mp: Multiplayer pivoting solution

Ligolo-mp Ligolo-mp is a more specialized version of Ligolo-ng, with client-server architecture, enabling pentesters to play with multiple concurrent tunnels collaboratively. Also, with a sprinkle of less important bells and whistles. Features Everything that you...