NtRemoteLoad: inject shellcode into another process


Remote shellcode injector, based on HWSyscalls by ShorSec, leveraging undetectable (currently) indirect native syscalls to inject shellcode into another process, creating a thread and executing it.


.\NtRemoteLoad.exe <path_to_shellcode_file> <remote_process_pid>


Testing it against the API monitor by Rohitab shows the following detection for Native syscalls:

This is fairly good, though NtCreateFile could also be hidden but I have not seen a reason to change it yet.

On the other hand, testing it against Defender for Endpoint EDR trial with a Havoc C2 beacon payload yields the following detection:

Executing the payload

Getting the callback


This is also fairly good as these are just events, meaning the blue team would need Threat Hunting or SIEM to actually detect it.

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