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List of Hacker Tools for Ethical Hackers

If you are using any Penetration Testing distribution like Kali Linux, BackBox, Lion Sec… you have many many penetration testing tools. I guess that you can not miss or use all them. I use...

roxysploit 0

roxysploit: A Hackers framework

What is roxysploit? roxysploit is a community-supported, open-source and penetration testing suite that supports attacks for numerous scenarios. conducting attacks in the field. Some containing Plugins in roxysploit Scan is an automated Information gathering...

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mitm6 v0.2.0: pwning IPv4 via IPv6

mitm6 is a pentesting tool that exploits the default configuration of Windows to take over the default DNS server. It does this by replying to DHCPv6 messages, providing victims with a link-local IPv6 address...