Category: Exploitation

Red Team Automation

Arsenal: Extensible Red Team Framework

Arsenal Extensible Red Team Framework Arsenal is a framework designed to be a back-end for Red Team command and control operations. It allows many Agent-C2 models to be integrated into one system, with a...


SILENTTRINITY v0.4.5 releases: An asynchronous, collaborative post-exploitation agent

SILENTTRINITY SILENTTRINITY is modern, asynchronous, multiplayer & multiserver C2/post-exploitation framework powered by Python 3 and .NETs DLR. Some of the main features that distinguish SILENTTRINITY are: Multi-User & Multi-Server – Supports multi-user collaboration. Additionally, the...


TikiTorch: Process Hollowing

TikiTorch was named in homage to CACTUSTORCH by Vincent Yiu. The basic concept of CACTUSTORCH is that it spawns a new process, then uses CreateRemoteThread to run the desired shellcode within that target process. Both the process and...


Sharp-Suite: Penetration Testing tools in C#

Sharp-Suite SwampThing SwampThing lets you spoof process command line args (x32/64). Essentially you create a process in a suspended state, rewrite the PEB, resume and finally revert the PEB. The end result is that...

obfuscation tool

Lime-Crypter v0.5 releases: Simple obfuscation tool

Lime-Crypter An obfuscation tool for .Net + Native files. Feature .NET – Coded in C#, required framework 4.0 dependency. Injection – Hide payload behind a legit process Download Copyright (c) 2018 NYAN-x-CAT