Category: Exploitation

shellcode encryption tool

Supernova: shellcode encryption tool

Supernova Supernova is an open-source Golang tool that empowers users to securely encrypt their raw shellcodes. Additionally, it offers automatic conversion of the encrypted shellcode into formats compatible with various programming languages, including: C...

OSDP Vulnerabilities

mellon: OSDP attack tool

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) Vulnerabilities Attack #1: Encryption is Optional OSDP supports, but doesn’t strictly require, encryption. So your connection might not even be encrypted at all. Attack #1 is just to passively listen...

SM Shell

SMShell: PoC for a SMS-based shell

SMShell PoC for an SMS-based shell. Send commands and receive responses over SMS from mobile broadband-capable computers. This tool came as an inspiration during research on eSIM security implications led by Markus Vervier, presented...