Category: Post Exploitation

Google Chrome

chromepass: Gather Chrome Saved Passwords

Chromepass – Hacking Chrome Saved Passwords Chromepass is a python-based console application that generates a windows executable with the following features: Decrypt Chrome saved passwords Send a file with the login/password combinations remotely (email...


Starkiller: Frontend for PowerShell Empire

Starkiller Starkiller is a Frontend for Powershell Empire. It is an Electron application written in VueJS. Multi-user GUI application for interfacing with the Empire C2 server from any computer. Starkiller represents a huge step forward...

Privilege Escalation Enumeration

PrivescCheck: Privilege Escalation Enumeration Script for Windows

PrivescCheck – Privilege Escalation Enumeration Script for Windows This script aims to enumerate common Windows security misconfigurations which can be leveraged for privilege escalation and gather various information which might be useful for exploitation and/or post-exploitation. Features Current User Invoke-UserCheck –...