Category: Post Exploitation

Golang UAC Bypasser

golang-uacbypasser: UAC bypass techniques implemented and written in Go

Golang UAC Bypasser (GUACBP) Collection of bypass techniques written in Golang. Rewrite of – to Golang. Techniques implemented: UAC Bypass using computerdefaults.exe UAC Bypass using eventvwr.exe UAC Bypass using fodhelper.exe UAC Bypass using HKCU Registry UAC Bypass using HKLM Registry...


poshkatz: PowerShell module for Mimikatz

poshkatz poshkatz is a PowerShell module for Mimikatz that has a number of cool features! Features Mimiktaz tab expansion “autocomplete” Autocompletes mimikatz commands, parameters and paramter values. Cmdlet wrappers for Mimikatz features Export-MKKerberosTicket Get-MKCredentialVault...

Privilege escalation tool

portia: Privilege escalation tool

portia Portia aims to automate a number of techniques commonly performed on internal network penetration tests after a low privileged account has been compromised Privilege escalation Lateral movement Convenience modules Portia is a genus...