Category: Maintaining Access

pivoting tool

ligolo-ng v0.4.1 releases: advanced tunneling/pivoting tool

Ligolo-ng : Tunneling like a VPN An advanced, yet simple, tunneling tool that uses a TUN interface. Ligolo-ng is a simple, lightweight, and fast tool that allows pentesters to establish tunnels from a reverse TCP/TLS connection without the need of...

rule-based tunnel

clash v1.11.4 releases: rule-based tunnel in Go

clash A rule-based tunnel in Go. Features Local HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS server with authentication support VMess, Shadowsocks, Trojan, Snell protocol support for remote connections Built-in DNS server that aims to minimize DNS pollution attack impact, supports...

persistence mechanisms

PersistBOF: automate common persistence mechanisms

PersistBOF A tool to help automate common persistence mechanisms. Currently supports Print Monitor (SYSTEM), Time Provider (Network Service), Start folder shortcut hijacking (User), and Junction Folder (User) Technique Overview All of these techniques rely...