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WebShell Generator

msmap v0.7 releases: Memory WebShell Generator

MSMAP Msmap is a Memory WebShell Generator. Compatible with various Containers, Components, Encoder, WebShell / Proxy / Killer, and Management Clients. Function  Dynamic Menu  Automatic Compilation  Generate Script  Lite Mode  Graphical Interface Container Java  Tomcat7  Tomcat8...

Forwarded Shell

DFShell: The Best Forwarded Shell

DFShell D3Ext’s Forwarded Shell it’s a python3 script which use mkfifo to simulate a shell into the victim machine. It creates a hidden directory in /dev/shm/.fs/ and there are stored the created fifos. You can...

Apache Tomcat webshell

Apache Tomcat webshell application for RCE

Apache Tomcat webshell application for RCE A webshell application and interactive shell for pentesting Apache Tomcat servers. Features  Webshell plugin for Apache Tomcat. Execute system commands via an API with ?action=exec. Download files from the...