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pivoting tool

ligolo-ng v0.3.3 releases: advanced tunneling/pivoting tool

Ligolo-ng : Tunneling like a VPN An advanced, yet simple, tunneling tool that uses a TUN interface. Ligolo-ng is a simple, lightweight, and fast tool that allows pentesters to establish tunnels from a reverse TCP/TLS connection without the need of...


PoisonApple v0.2.3 releases: macOS persistence tool

PoisonApple Command-line tool to perform various persistence mechanism techniques on macOS. This tool was designed to be used by threat hunters for cyber threat emulation purposes. Changelog v0.2.3 Formatted code using black, bump license for...

golang tunnel

gost: GO Simple Tunnel

gost – GO Simple Tunnel Features Listening on multiple ports Multi-level forward proxies – proxy chain Standard HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/SOCKS4(A)/SOCKS5 proxy protocols support Probing resistance support for web proxy TLS encryption via negotiation support for SOCKS5...