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exabgp 4.0.7 released: BGP swiss army knife of networking

ExaBGP provides a convenient way to implement Software Defined Networking by transforming BGP messages into friendly plain text or JSON, which can then be easily handled by simple scripts or your BSS/OSS. It is routinely used to improve service resilience...

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tcpcopy: A TCP Stream Replay Tool

TCPCopy – A TCP Stream Replay Tool TCPCopy is a TCP stream replay tool to support real testing of Internet server applications. Although the real live flow is important for the test of Internet server...

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Pytbull: IDS/IPS testing framework

Pytbull is a python based flexible IDS/IPS testing framework shipped with more than 300 tests, grouped in 9 modules, covering a large scope of attacks (clientSideAttacks, testRules, badTraffic, fragmentedPackets, multipleFailedLogins, evasionTechniques, shellCodes, denialOfService, pcapReplay)....