Category: Reverse Engineering

heap exploitation

how2heap: learning various heap exploitation techniques

Educational Heap Exploitation This repo is for learning various heap exploitation techniques. We came up with the idea during a hack meeting, and have implemented the following techniques: File Technique Glibc-Version Applicable CTF Challenges...

messenger app information

Android Malware Analysis Tools

TOOLS » AFLogical – Android forensics tool developed by viaForensics » Amandroid – Is a static analysis framework for Android apps » Android backup extractor – Android backup extractor » Android Loadable Kernel Modules...

Witchcraft Compiler Collection

wcc: The Witchcraft Compiler Collection

The Witchcraft Compiler Collection Purpose WCC is a collection of compilation tools to perform binary black magic on the GNU/Linux and other POSIX platforms. Install Requirement # Required for add-apt-repository sudo apt-get install python-software-properties...