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Linux Binary Exploitation

BinExp: Linux Binary Exploitation

Linux Binary Exploitation Topics Lecture 1. Memory Layout of the C program. ELF binaries. Overview of the stack during the function call. Assembly code for the function call and return. The concept of $ebp and $esp. Executable...


smap: Shellcode mapper

smap A handy tool for shellcode analysis. Demo video Requirements objdump Installation and execution Then you can download smap by cloning the Git repository:   get shellcodes Copyright (C) 2016 s0cket7 Source:

Linux binary Exploitation

HITCON-Training for Linux binary Exploitation

HITCON-Training For Linux binary Exploitation Outline Basic Knowledge Introduction Reverse Engineering Static Analysis Dynamic Analysis Exploitation Useful Tool IDA PRO GDB Pwntool lab 1 – sysmagic Section Compile, linking, assembler Execution how program get...


exploitable: The ‘exploitable’ GDB plugin

GDB ‘exploitable’ plugin The ‘exploitable’ plugin (exploitable/ ‘exploitable’ is a GDB extension that classifies Linux application bugs by severity. The extension inspects the state of a Linux application that has crashed and outputs a...