Category: Reverse Engineering

DLL injection library

Bleak: Windows native DLL injection library

Bleak A Windows native DLL injection library that supports several methods of injection. Injection Methods CreateThread HijackThread ManualMap Optional Extensions EjectDll HideDllFromPeb RandomiseDllHeaders RandomiseDllName Features WOW64 and x64 injection Caveats Attempting to inject into...


Pwngdb: gdb for pwn

Pwngdb GDB for pwn. Features libc : Print the base address of libc ld : Print the base address of ld codebase : Print the base of code segment heap : Print the base of heap got : Print...

PE Tools

PE Tools – Portable executable (PE) manipulation toolkit

PE Tools lets you actively research PE files and processes. Process Viewer and PE files Editor, Dumper, Rebuilder, Comparator, Analyzer are included. PE Tools is an oldschool reverse engineering tool with a long history since 2002. PE Tools was initially inspired by LordPE (Yoda). Features PE Editor PE and...