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List of Hacker Tools for Ethical Hackers

If you are using any Penetration Testing distribution like Kali Linux, BackBox, Lion Sec… you have many many penetration testing tools. I guess that you can not miss or use all them. I use...

Faraday penetration test 0

Faraday v2.7.2 released: Collaborative Penetration Test & Vulnerability Management Platform

Faraday introduces a new concept – IPE (Integrated Penetration-Test Environment) a multiuser Penetration test IDE. Designed for distribution, indexation, and analysis of the data generated during a security audit. The main purpose of Faraday...

Deep Exploit 0

Deep Exploit: Fully automatic penetration test tool using Machine Learning

Deep Exploit Fully automatic penetration test tool using Machine Learning. Deep Exploit is fully automated penetration tool linked with Metasploit. Deep Exploit has two exploitation modes. Intelligence mode Deep Exploit identifies the status of all opened...