SBSCAN: penetration testing tool specifically designed for the Spring framework


SBSCAN is a penetration testing tool specifically designed for the Spring framework, capable of scanning specified sites for Spring Boot sensitive information and verifying related Spring vulnerabilities.

  • Most Comprehensive Dictionary for Sensitive Paths:
    • The most exhaustive dictionary for sensitive paths in Spring Boot sites, assisting you in thoroughly detecting potential sensitive information leaks.
  • Fingerprint Detection Support:
    • Detect Spring Sites: Features fingerprint recognition; only sites with Spring fingerprints proceed to the next scanning phase, saving resources and time.
    • Sensitive Path Page Fingerprint Detection: Maximized reduction of false positives, achieving the highest accuracy in its class. No more manual checks to differentiate genuine sensitive pages from home pages or other redirecting pages.
  • Most Comprehensive Spring Vulnerability POCs:
    • All detection POCs for Spring-related CVE vulnerabilities are integrated into this tool, making it the most comprehensive in its class.
  • Addressing Non-reflective Vulnerabilities:
    • Unsure about vulnerabilities that don’t have a direct echo just by looking at the response code? Supports the --dnslog parameter to specify the DNSLog domain. A successful DNSLog record confirms the existence of the vulnerability.
  • Other Conventional Features:
    • Single URL scanning, URL file scanning, proxy specification support, and multithreading support.


# Install and use, it is recommended to reinstall the dependency after the updated version, the new version may increase the dependency of the three-party library;
$ git clone
$ python3 -m venv sbscan
$ source sbscan/bin/activate
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt -i
# To avoid conflicts with other package versions, it’s suggested to create a virtual environment before installing dependencies. Use ‘-i’ to specify the Tsinghua University mirror for installations.


$ python3 –help

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