Category: Reverse Engineering

Windows shellcode tool

sharem: ultimate Windows shellcode tool

sharem SHAREM is intended to be the ultimate Windows shellcode tool, with support to emulate over 12,000 WinAPIs, virtually all user-mode Windows syscalls, and SHAREM provides numerous new features. SHAREM was released on September...

Open Firmware Reverse Analysis

Open Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole v3.2 releases: binary analysis and modification platform

OFRAK OFRAK (Open Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole) is a binary analysis and modification platform. OFRAK combines the ability to: Identify and Unpack many binary formats Analyze unpacked binaries with field-tested reverse engineering tools Modify and Repack binaries with powerful patching strategies...

Firmware Liberation

Flopz: Firmware Liberation on Python

Flopz – Firmware Liberation on Python Flopz is an assembler toolkit written in pure python. Use it to: Create shellcode for embedded systems Dynamically patch large collections of binaries Instrument firmware images, for debugging...