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IVideon data breach cameradar

Cameradar v4.1 releases: Hacking RTSP CCTV Cameras

Cameradar Cameradar allows you to Detect open RTSP hosts on any accessible target host Detect which device model is streaming Launch automated dictionary attacks to get their stream route (e.g.: /live.sdp) Launch automated dictionary attacks to...


dependency-track v3.5.0 releases: intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platform

Dependency-Track Modern applications leverage the availability of existing components for use as building blocks in application development. By using existing components, organizations can dramatically decrease time-to-market. Reusing existing components, however, comes at a cost....

Attify OS

Attify OS – Distro for pentesting IoT devices

Attify OS – Distro for pentesting IoT devices Instead of spending time installing, configuring and setting up various tools required for IoT pentesting, here is a pre-made distro for you containing the tools that...


FACT_core v2.6 releases: Firmware Analysis and Comparison Tool

The Firmware Analysis and Comparison Tool (FACT) The Firmware Analysis and Comparison Tool (formerly known as Fraunhofer’s Firmware Analysis Framework (FAF)) is intended to automate most of the firmware analysis process. It unpacks arbitrary...

Industrial Exploitation Framework

Industrial Exploitation Framework: a exploitation framework

Industrial Exploitation Framework ISF(Industrial Exploitation Framework) is an exploitation framework based on Python, it’s similar to the Metasploit framework. ISF is based on open source project routersploit. ICS Protocol Clients Name Path Description modbus_tcp_client icssploit/clients/


gps-sdr-sim: Software-Defined GPS Signal Simulator

GPS-SDR-SIM GPS-SDR-SIM generates GPS baseband signal data streams, which can be converted to RF using software-defined radio (SDR) platforms, such as bladeRF, HackRF, and USRP. Windows build instructions Start Visual Studio. Create an empty project for a...


CarHackingTools: Install and Configure Common Car Hacking Tools

CarHacking.Tools CarHacking.Tools is a scripts collection of scripts to help jump-start car research (and hacking?). All the scripts are designed to run on Ubuntu 18.04. Included Tools The following tools are installed and configured automatically: Tool...


btlejack: Bluetooth Low Energy Swiss-army knife

BtleJack: a new Bluetooth Low Energy swiss-army knife Btlejack provides everything you need to sniff, jam and hijack Bluetooth Low Energy devices. It relies on one or more BBC Micro:Bit. devices running a dedicated firmware....