Category: Information Gathering


enumerid: Enumerate RIDs using pure Python

enumerid Enumerid is an impacket based Relative Identifier (RID) enumeration utility. It was initially created to solve a common problem that attackers face after getting an initial compromise- getting oriented within the network. Historically this means...


seeker v1.0.9 releases: Find GeoLocation with High Accuracy

Seeker Introduction Seeker utilizes HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and PHP to grab Device Information and GeoLocation with High Accuracy. Seeker Hosts a fake website on Apache Server and uses Ngrok to generate an SSL link which asks for Location Permission and if the user allows...


GyoiThon: growing penetration test tool using Machine Learning

GyoiThon GyoiThon is a¬†growing penetration test tool using Machine Learning. It¬†identifies the software installed on the web server¬†(OS, Middleware, Framework, CMS, etc…) based on the learning data. After that, it¬†executes valid exploits¬†for the identified...