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jok3r v2.0 releases: Network & Web Hacking Arsenal Manager

Jok3r – Network and Web Pentest Framework Jok3r is a Python3 CLI application which is aimed at helping penetration testers for network infrastructure and web black-box security tests. Its main goal is to save time on everything...


enumerid: Enumerate RIDs using pure Python

enumerid Enumerid is an impacket based Relative Identifier (RID) enumeration utility. It was initially created to solve a common problem that attackers face after getting an initial compromise- getting oriented within the network. Historically this means...


GyoiThon: growing penetration test tool using Machine Learning

GyoiThon GyoiThon is a growing penetration test tool using Machine Learning. It identifies the software installed on the web server (OS, Middleware, Framework, CMS, etc…) based on the learning data. After that, it executes valid exploits for the identified...