Category: Forensics

Log file navigator

lnav v0.9 RC2 releases: an enhanced log file viewer

LNAV — The Logfile Navigator The log file navigator, lnav, is an enhanced log file viewer that takes advantage of any semantic information that can be gleaned from the files being viewed, such as...

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Security

msticpy v0.8 releases: Microsoft Threat Intelligence Security Tools

MSTIC Jupyter and Python Security Tools Microsoft Threat Intelligence Python Security Tools. The msticpy package was initially developed to support Jupyter Notebooks authoring for Azure Sentinel. Many of the included tools can be used in other security scenarios for...


mac_apt v0.7 releases: macOS Artifact Parsing Tool

mac_apt macOS Artifact Parsing Tool mac_apt is a DFIR tool to process Mac computer full disk images and extract data/metadata useful for forensic investigation. It is a python based framework, which has plugins to...