Category: Malware Analysis

Altprobe 0

altprobe: IDS events collector

Altprobe Altprobe is a component of the Alertflex project, it has functional of a collector according to SIEM/Log Management terminologies. Based on the filtering policies, Altprobe extracts events with high priority from flows of...

EKFiddle 0

EKFiddle v0.6.8.1 released: A framework to study Exploit Kits

EKFiddle v. A framework based on the Fiddler web debugger to study Exploit Kits, malvertising and malicious traffic in general. Installation Download and install the latest version of Fiddler Special instructions for Linux...

Automates Malware Evaluation 0

FAME: Automates Malware Evaluation

FAME is a recursive acronym meaning “FAME Automates Malware Evaluation”. It is meant to facilitate analysis of malicious files, leveraging as much knowledge as possible in order to speed up and automate end-to-end analysis....