Category: Forensics


whapa v1.2 releases: WhatsApp Parser Toolset

Whatsapp Parser Toolset Updated: Sep 2020 WhatsApp Messenger Version 2.20 Whapa is a forensic graphical toolset for analyzing WhatsApp in android. All the tools have been written in Python 3.X and have been tested...


fastnetmon v1.1.7 releases: very fast DDoS analyzer

FastNetMon – A high-performance DoS/DDoS load analyzer built on top of multiple packet capture engines (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFLOW, SnabbSwitch, netmap, PF_RING, PCAP). What can we do? We can detect hosts in our networks sending...


dfirtrack v0.4 releases: The Incident Response Tracking Application

DFIRTrack DFIRTrack (Digital Forensics and Incident Response Tracking application) is an open-source web application mainly based on Django using a PostgreSQL database backend. In contrast to other great incident response tools, which are mainly case-based and support...