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Proxychains for Windows

Proxychains for Windows v0.6.8 releases

Proxychains.exe – Proxychains for Windows Proxychains.exe is a proxifier for Win32(Windows) or Cygwin/Msys2 programs. It hijacks most of the Win32 or Cygwin programs’ TCP connection, making them through one or more SOCKS5 proxy(ies). Proxychains.exe...


HoneyBot: Capture, upload and analyze network traffic

HoneyBot Cloud-based PCAP analysis; powered by HoneyBot is a set of scripts and libraries for capturing and analyzing packet captures with Currently, this library provides three scripts: – Capture on an interface...


CocoaDebug v2.0 releases: iOS Debugging Tool

CocoaDebug – iOS Debugging Tool Feature  Shake to hide or show the black bubble. (support both device and simulator)  Long press the black bubble to show UIDebuggingInformationOverlay. (Apple’s Private API, support iOS 10/11/12)  Application memory...