i2pd v2.50 releases: End-to-End encrypted and anonymous Internet


i2pd (I2P Daemon) is a full-featured C++ implementation of I2P client.

I2P (Invisible Internet Protocol) is a universal anonymous network layer.
All communications over I2P are anonymous and end-to-end encrypted, participants don’t reveal their real IP addresses.

I2P client is software used for building and using anonymous I2P networks. Such networks are commonly used for anonymous peer-to-peer applications (file sharing, cryptocurrencies) and anonymous client-server applications (websites, instant messengers, chat-servers).

I2P allows people from all around the world to communicate and share information without restrictions.



  • Distributed anonymous networking framework
  • End-to-end encrypted communications
  • Small footprint, simple dependencies, fast performance
  • Rich set of APIs for developers of secure applications

Changelog v2.50

  • Support of concurrent ACCEPTs on SAM 3.1
  • Added Haiku OS support
  • Low bandwidth and far routers can expire before 1 hour
  • Don’t pick too active peer for first hop
  • Try peer test again if status is Unknown
  • Send peer tests with random delay
  • Updated reseeds list
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in addresshelper
  • Fixed publishing NAT64 ipv6 addresses
  • Fixed deadlock in AsyncSend callback

Note for everyone, who uses latest OpenSSL 3.2.0: they broke everything again. So, if you build application yourself, use at least version 3.1.4 of OpenSSL. Windows binaries built with MSYS2 with OpenSSL 3.1.3 packages.



Browse anonymous websites

o browse anonymous websites inside the Invisible Internet, configure your web browser to use HTTP proxy (available by default in i2pd).

In Firefox: Preferences -> Advanced -> Network tab -> Connection Settings -> choose Manual proxy configuration, Enter HTTP proxy, Port 4444

In Chromium: run chromium executable with key

chromium –proxy-server=”″

Host anonymous website

If you wish to run your own website in an Invisible Internet, follow these steps:

1) Run your web server and find out which host:port it uses (for example,

2) Configure i2pd to create HTTP server tunnel. Put in your ~/.i2pd/tunnels.conf file:

type = http
host =
port = 8080
keys = anon-website.dat

3) Restart i2pd.

4) Find b32 destination of your website.

Go to webconsole -> I2P tunnels page. Look for Sever tunnels and you will see an address like \<long random string>.b32.i2p next to anon-website.

A website is now available in Invisible Internet by visiting this address.

5) (Optional) Register short and memorable .i2p domain on inr.i2p.


Copyright (c) 2013-2015, The PurpleI2P Project

Source: https://github.com/PurpleI2P/