Category: Exploitation

Linux Binary Exploitation

BinExp: Linux Binary Exploitation

Linux Binary Exploitation Topics Lecture 1. Memory Layout of the C program. ELF binaries. Overview of the stack during the function call. Assembly code for the function call and return. Concept of $ebp and $esp. Executable...

AV bypass

Salsa-tools: Shell Reverse and AV bypass, AMSI patched

Salsa Tools – An AV-Safe Reverse Shell Salsa Tools is a collection of three different tools that combined, allows you to get a reverse shell on steroids in any Windows environment without even needing...


PurpleSpray: an adversary simulation tool

PurpleSpray Password spraying is an effective technique available to adversaries that allows them to gain access or escalate privileges on Windows environments. This technique can be executed in different variations like using Kerberos or...