Mavoc: Automated C2 Windows and Linux Pentesting Tool

Mavoc C2 Framework

Mavoc is a tool used to pentest Windows and Linux machines. This tool mainly Focuses on Pentesting Windows. Made with using C++, and Powershell, and the server is made with Python and Go. This tool is Easy to use and the payloads are modifiable for your Needs. This tool mainly Focuses on Windows Pentesing, and Automated Various Scripts to attack Windows Systems and can be used to add your own scripts for CTF, attacking, debugging, etc… depending upon your needs.

On Mavoc tool. There will be 2 options. SSH Hack, Python-Exin, and Low-Func.
For Now, SSH-Kench and Python-Exin are available.

Based on your Needs Select what you need.

What is the difference between SSH-Kench and Python-Exin?

  • SSH-Kench is more stable, even when you disconnect or shut the server, and start the server with the same settings means, the victim can connect again.
  • SSH-Kench is Well-suited to do Large Attacks and Good at stable connection.
  • Python-Exin is a Powershell Payload prompter that alters the pre-payload (i.e.) Modifies it. Pasting the prompt payload script on the .ps console will lead to get the reverse shell.
  • Python-Exin is not Good for Stability and can be used for large tasks and attack processes.
  • Python-Exin is an Older Version of the Villain tool. Which I used to modify and keep for my personal use. Now I am adding to the Tool.

Install & Use

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