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TA576 threat actor

Proofpoint Exposes TA576’s Tax Season Email Scams

As the tax season rolls in, so does the threat of cybercrime, and leading the charge in 2024 is the infamous TA576 threat actor. Researchers at Proofpoint have unveiled the resurgence of this cybercriminal...


PSSysmonTools: Sysmon Tools for PowerShell

PSSysmonTools Sysmon Tools for PowerShell Download git clone https://github.com/mattifestation/PSSysmonTools.git Implemented functions Get-SysmonConfiguration Parses a Sysmon driver configuration from the registry. The output is nearly identical to that of “sysmon.exe -c” but without the requirement to...


Misc-Powershell-Scripts: Powershell Random Tools

Misc-Powershell-Scripts Download git clone https://github.com/rvrsh3ll/Misc-Powershell-Scripts.git This project includes Backdoor-ExcelAddIn.ps1 Add a malicious addin for persistence. Don’t forget to add your split base64 encoded shellcode in the Init function Brute-Email.ps1 Using a csv with a header...