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PSSysmonTools: Sysmon Tools for PowerShell

PSSysmonTools Sysmon Tools for PowerShell Download git clone https://github.com/mattifestation/PSSysmonTools.git Implemented functions Get-SysmonConfiguration Parses a Sysmon driver configuration from the registry. The output is nearly identical to that of “sysmon.exe -c” but without the requirement to...

AttackBuildTool v1.9 releases, an offensive PowerShell console"> PS>AttackBuildTool 0

AttackBuildTool v1.9 releases, an offensive PowerShell console">PS>AttackBuildTool v1.9 releases, an offensive PowerShell console

PS>AttackBuildTool A tool that makes it easy to compile a custom version of PS>Attack, a portable powershell attack environment. What does the PS>Attack Build Tool do? The build tool downloads the latest version of PS>Attack and the...

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Misc-Powershell-Scripts: Powershell Random Tools

Misc-Powershell-Scripts Download git clone https://github.com/rvrsh3ll/Misc-Powershell-Scripts.git This project includes Backdoor-ExcelAddIn.ps1 Add a malicious addin for persistence. Don’t forget to add your split base64 encoded shellcode in the Init function Brute-Email.ps1 Using a csv with a header...