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pentest reporting application

pwndoc v0.1 releases: pentest reporting application

PwnDoc PwnDoc is a pentest reporting application making it simple and easy to write your findings and generate a customizable Docx report. The main goal is to have more time to Pwn and less time to Doc by...


bulwark v7.0.11 releases: organizational asset and vulnerability management tool

bulwark An organizational asset and vulnerability management tool, with Jira integration, designed for generating application security reports. Changelog v7.0.11 Bug Fixes multiple api’s: add additional ACL checks (2cdc01a) role.utility.ts: updated role-utility.ts (f0fc0c5) Others deps: bump core-js from...

pentest reporting tool

writehat: pentest reporting tool written in Python

writehat WriteHat is a pentest reporting tool that removes Microsoft Word (and many hours of suffering) from the reporting process. Markdown –> HTML –> PDF. Created by penetration testers, for penetration testers – but can be used to...