Simple Vulnerability Manager

Simple Vulnerability Manager

It’s a program created to perform a vulnerability analysis of all the project handled by the Pentester, Project Managers or Customers of your company and automatically generate a Word reports.

You can generate different type of reports automatically with the detected vulnerabilities. Technical reports will help troubleshooters understand the scope and how to solve the problems that it brings to the organization. The executive report allows stakeholders to determine which steps to take in the project. Finally, the generic reports will allow all stakeholders to speak the same language when all the detected vulnerabilities have been understood.

Application has many knowledge bases, divided in: Web Scanners, Service Scanners, Static Scanners, and Mobile. Every one of them has a listing of all vulnerabilities included, with their correspondent description, impact, mitigation measures and reference. Mostly in Spanish language.

The solution part gives the possibility to follow up multiple projects at same time, allowing every one of them to check the scope of affected liability. You can also upload commentaries and screenshots that would work as evidence of each detected vulnerability.


  • Encrypted and standalone database

  • Password protection when starting the program

  • Input data flexibility (IP address, Web, names, are not restricted)

  • Vulnerability scans are launched with a single click. The script can be edited to fit other scanners.

  • Supports Services Scanner:

    • Qualys

    • Nessus

    • Openvas

    • Nmap

  • Supports WebScanners:

    • Acunetix

    • Netsparker

    • Arachni

    • Burpsuite

  • Supports Tool for Android (Version Pro)

    • Apktool

    • Enjarify

    • AndroBug_Framework

    • Qark

    • MobSF

    • JD-GUI

  • Tool support for information:

    • Recon-NG

    • EyeWitness

  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office to generate documentation (Word and Excel)

  • Knowledge base of Web Scanner, Services Scanners, Static Scanners and Android. You can also create your own vulnerabilities.

  • Generation of Excel reports with all projects and their details.

  • Editable templates in Word to accomplish with users requirement.

  • Report with editable field text.

  • 3 Types of Reports:

    • Technical

    • Executive

    • Generic

  • Run with the same binary file on:

    • Windows (All)

    • Linux (with Wine)

    • MacOSX (with Wine)

  • Multiuser. Several users may be using the database at the same time. [ Pro version only ]

  • Portable. You can use the entire installation directory on a USB stick.