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Advanced Web Shell

DAws: Advanced Web Shell

There are multiple things that make DAws better than every Web Shell out there: Bypasses Security Systems(IPS, WAFs, etc) like Suhosin(uses up to 20 php functions just to get a command executed). Drops CGI...


cmsPoc: CMS Exploit Framework

cmsPoc – A CMS Exploit Framework Download git clone https://github.com/CHYbeta/cmsPoc.git TYPE SCRIPT DESCRIPTION phpcms v960_sqlinject_getpasswd phpcmsv9.6.0 wap模块 sql注入 获取passwd icms v701_sqlinject_getadmin icmsv7.0.1 admincp.php sql Into the background any login admin permissions discuz v34_delete_arbitary_files discuz ≤ v3.4 Delete...