Category: Password Attacks

spray Shadow Credentials

ShadowSpray: spray Shadow Credentials

ShadowSpray A tool to spray Shadow Credentials across an entire domain in hopes of abusing long-forgotten GenericWrite/GenericAll DACLs over other objects in the domain. Why this tool In a lot of engagements, I see (in...

Hash type identifier

haiti v1.4.1 releases: Hash type identifier

haiti A CLI tool (and library) to identify hash types (hash type identifier). Features 442+ hash types detected Modern algorithms supported (SHA3, Keccak, Blake2, etc.) Hashcat and John the Ripper references CLI tool &...

Crack zip encryption

bkcrack: Crack legacy zip encryption

bkcrack Crack legacy zip encryption with Biham and Kocher’s known-plaintext attack. Overview A ZIP archive may contain many entries whose content can be compressed and/or encrypted. In particular, entries can be encrypted with a...