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xsstools: xss development frameworks

xsstools xsstools is an xss development framework, with the goal of making payload writing easier. Exfiltrators A collection of exfiltrators is available message: use postMessage get: use fetch GET post: use fetch POST urlencoded...

Insecure Web Application

TIWAP: Totally Insecure Web Application Project

Totally Insecure Web Application Project (TIWAP) TIWAP is a web security testing lab made using Flask for budding security enthusiasts to learn about various web vulnerabilities. Inspired by DVWA, the contributors have tried their...


XSScope: Modern Browser exploitation via XSS

XSScope Go beyond the alert XSScope is one of the most advanced GUI Frameworks for XSS Client-side attacks. It can perform different XSS attacks and HTML Injections in real-time. Features Perform XSS botnet attack(s)....