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Pocsuite v2.0.8 releases: open-sourced remote vulnerability testing framework

Pocsuite is an open-sourced remote vulnerability testing and proof-of-concept development framework developed by the Knownsec Security Team. It comes with a powerful proof-of-concept engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration testers and security researchers....


gorsh: golang reverse shell

gorsh A Golang Implant and Tmux-driven C2 Interface Originally forked from – sysdream/hershell Fork Changes Changes after fork: Uses tmux as a pseudo-C2-like interface, creating a new window with each agent callback Download files with...

Exploits And Security Tools

EaST: Exploits And Security Tools

EaST: Exploits And Security Tools Pentest framework environment is the basis of IT security specialist’s toolkit. This software is essential as for learning and improving knowledge in IT systems attacks and for inspections and...