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SharpDPAPI v1.11 releases: C# port of some Mimikatz DPAPI functionality

SharpDPAPI SharpDPAPI is a C# port of some DPAPI functionality from @gentilkiwi‘s Mimikatz project. The SharpChrome subproject is an adaptation of work from @gentilkiwi and @djhohnstein, specifically his SharpChrome project. However, this version of SharpChrome uses a different version of the C# SQL library that...


boofuzz v0.3 releases: Network Protocol Fuzzing for Humans

boofuzz: Network Protocol Fuzzing for Humans It is a fork of and the successor to the venerable Sulley fuzzing framework. Besides numerous bug fixes, it aims for extensibility. The goal: fuzz everything. Features Like Sulley, boofuzz...


SharpSphere v1.1 releases: Attacking vSphere Infrastructure

SharpSphere – Attacking vSphere Infrastructure SharpSphere gives red teamers the ability to easily interact with the guest operating systems of virtual machines managed by vCenter. It uses the vSphere Web Services API and exposes...