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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Fixes Vulnerability in U.motion Builder

Schneider Electric recently fixed four vulnerabilities in U.motion Builder software, including two serious command execution vulnerabilities. Both Schneider and ICS-CERT have issued security bulletins, and versions before U.motion Builder 1.3.4 have been affected. Schneider Electric’s...


Report: 50,000 ships worldwide can be hacked

50,000 ships worldwide can be hacked, experts said. According to reports, cybersecurity experts recently demonstrated how easy it is to immerse navigational equipment into a boat. Researchers have shown how to fool the Global Positioning...

bypasses iOS passcode

Researcher found how to bypasses iOS passcode entry limit

Security researcher Matthew Hickey discovered a USB-based security vulnerability that exploits this security flaw to brute force the lock screen password of iOS devices. We all know that in the iPhone password setting, there is...