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Deadbolt ransomware Asustor NAS

Asustor NAS devices were hit by Deadbolt ransomware

Asustor, a NAS server manufacturer under ASUS, has been attacked by Deadbolt ransomware, and many users have reported on the ASUS Technology forum. From the screenshot, all the data on the NAS server is...

DeadBolt ransomware

DeadBolt ransomware is threatening QNAP users

NAS maker QNAP continues to issue security alerts, and QNAP says ransomware called DeadBolt is looking for NAS servers exposed on the public internet. Earlier this month, QNAP issued an alert saying it had...

Google Drive security issues

Google Drive warns of files with security issues

Google has previously issued a policy change reminder, and if users store or use files with security issues in Google Drive, a banner warning will pop up. The files with security problems here refer...