dnsmorph v1.2.5 releases: domain name permutation engine

DNSMORPH is a domain name permutation engine, inspired by dnstwist. It is written in Go making for a compact and very fast tool. It robustly handles any domain or subdomain supplied and provides a number of configuration options to tune permutation runs.

DNSMORPH includes the following domain permutation attack types:

  • Homograph attack (both on single and duplicate characters)
  • Bitsquat attack
  • Hyphenation attack
  • Omission attack
  • Repetition attack
  • Replacement attack
  • Subdomain attack
  • Transposition attack
  • Vowel swap attack
  • Addition attack

Changelog v1.2.5


  • Ability to upgrade dnsmorph with -u option


  • Updated GeoLite database
  • Miscellaneous code fixes



Usage menu output

dnsmorph -d domain | -l domains_file [-girv] [-csv | -json]
output to csv
-d string
target domain
-g geolocate domain
-i include subdomain
output to json
-l string
domain list filepath
-r resolve domain
-v enable verbosity



Run attacks against a target domain

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com

Run attacks against a list of domains

./dnsmorph -l domains.txt

Include subdomain in attack

./dnsmorph -d staging.amazon.com -i

Run dns resolutions against permutated domains

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r

Run geolocation against permutated domains

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -g

Output results to csv or json

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r -g -csv
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r -g -json

Activate verbose output

./dnsmorph -d staging.amazon.com -v



Copyright (c) 2018 netevert

Source: https://github.com/netevert/