golang-uacbypasser: UAC bypass techniques implemented and written in Go

Golang UAC Bypasser (GUACBP)

Collection of bypass techniques written in Golang.

Rewrite of – https://github.com/rootm0s/WinPwnage to Golang.

Techniques implemented:

  • UAC Bypass using computerdefaults.exe
  • UAC Bypass using eventvwr.exe
  • UAC Bypass using fodhelper.exe
  • UAC Bypass using HKCU Registry
  • UAC Bypass using HKLM Registry
  • UAC Bypass using IFEO
  • UAC Bypass using schtasks.exe
  • UAC Bypass using sdcltcontrol.exe
  • UAC Bypass using silentcleanup.exe
  • UAC Bypass using slui.exe
  • UAC Bypass using userinit.exe
  • UAC Bypass using wmic.exe

How to build:

  1. set CGO_ENABLED=0
  2. go build -v -a -ldflags=”-w -s” -o guacbypasser.exe main.go

Copyright (c) 2019 Paparoni Alvardo
Source: https://github.com/0x9ef/